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About Me

Director. Editor. Storyteller. 
My name is Brandon Hill. I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for filmmaking early on. In that time, I have done absolutely everything to get as much experience and learn as much as I can. Whether it be editing promotional videos for companies, getting hands-on experience on set, or doing visual effects work for professional productions, these experiences have taught me a great deal about the visual medium of film. I am currently attending Chapman University Dodge College with a major in Film Production.

I try to immerse myself in all aspects of filmmaking from screenwriting to sound mixing. It is my belief that before you direct someone on how to do their job, you should fully understand how that job is done. Seeing as how my main interest is directing, I have worked every position on set, from gripping to script supervising, in order to understand the roles and responsibilities of each crew member I direct on set. This way, I have empathy for the team around me, and I can bring everyone together to tell the story in the best way possible.
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AAHSFF Best Editing Laurel - Gold.png
LAFA Best Young Filmmaker Laurel.png
AAHSFF HD Official Selection Laurel - Go
LAFA Cinematography Laurel.png
Cine X Laurel GRAND JURY 2020.png
NYCA 2020 Laurel.png
ISA Award 2020.png
Reflections Laurel.png
Silicon Beach Laurel Gradient.png
Scholastic Laurel.png
People's Choice Award.png

All American High School Film Festival

'WILL' was officially selected for AAHSFF in 2019, the largest high school film festival in the world with over 2,000 submissions and less than 200 Nominees. The film was then screened in Times Square, New York City before receiving a nomination for Best Editing in the

Teen Indie Awards.


Los Angeles Film Awards

'GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE' was officially selected for the Los Angeles Film Awards. The film was in the running for best Cinematography and Young Filmmaker. The film was a Semi-Finalist and won the Best Young Filmmaker Award.

Reflections Art Contest

'LIFE ON THE LINE' winner of the Award of Excellence at the school, district, county, and state level. The film went on to win the Award of Merit at the national level.

Independent Shorts Awards

'DEDICATION' won the Silver Award for

Best Young Filmmaker and Honorable Mention for Best Student Film and Best Student Director in the international IMDb-qualifying Independent Short Awards.

New York Cinematography Awards

'DEDICATION' was an Official Selection and Semi-Finalist in the IMDb-qualifying international New York Cinematography Awards.

Cine X Independent Film Festival

'DEDICATION' won the Grand Jury Award in the Cine X Independent Film Festival for the High School Short Film category.

Silicon Beach Film Festival

'GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE' was an Official Selection in the Silicon Beach Film Festival. The film screened in the Cinemark 18 & XD theater in Los Angeles.

Scholastic Art & Writing Contest

'LIFE ON THE LINE' winner of the Gold Key. Automatically considered for national recognition.

Mission Viejo Film Festival

'REQUIEM' was accepted into the festival as an official selection. The film won the People's Choice Award.

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